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Blessed to be a Woman

2 August 2012


The 60 photographers featured in the exhibition on the steps of the Jerusalem theater foyer

As part of its ongoing campaign against the exclusion of women in public places, NIF, together with the Jerusalem Theater, is funding Blessed to be a Woman, a photography exhibition running through the end of the month. The exhibition features 100 portraits by 60 female photographers.

Lior Mann, Director of the Women's School of Photography who organized the exhibition, said, "The first message of the exhibition is that women will not be excluded from public places in Israel. We are here. We are authentic and we exist. Beyond that the exhibition represents a feminine journey in its entire complexity. We see the different stage of women's lives – the tough moments, the anger, the sadness, the beauty and the happiness."

Mann herself has two photographs on display in the exhibition including one of an Arab friend. She explains, "We see her in a crowd of women with her hands in prayer – praying for peace. Amal, her name, is Arabic for “hope” and the photograph depicts the hope for peace and the role of women in achieving it."

One of Mann's favorite photographs in the exhibition was taken by Tal Chalutz. She said, "This is a self-portrait of the photographer looking into a garden through a window misted by condensation. Her gaze is self-reflective as she stares through the transparent barrier – symbolic of the glass ceiling - and tries to break through the discrimination, which has made her discriminate against herself too."


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