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Court Orders Emmanuel School to Explain Continued Segregation

Israel's High Court of Justice has given the Beit Yaakov Girl's High School in the West Bank town of Emmanuel seven days to explain why they have not implemented its order to stop segregating Mizrachi students from Ashkenazi students.  The order followed the High Court's ruling last August to desegregate the school in response to a petition by NIF grantee Noar Kahalacha, which combats ethnic discrimination in ultra-Orthodox educational institutions.

NIF organizations protest discrimination against Mizrachi girls in ultra-Orthodox Ashkenazi schools.

Rather than accede to the court order, the residents of Emmanuel set up a new school for Ashkenazi girls adjacent to the existing school, which was left with just the Mizrachi students.

On the day before the court hearing, Yitzhak Pindrus, Jerusalem Council member for the United Torah Judaism party reportedly joked, " In Haredi education, we don't accept Sephardim, monkeys, Russians and Ethiopians."

The NIF family will continue to advocate on behalf of all disadvantaged groups to ensure equal treatment both in law and in practice.


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