Emergency Grants Approved During Fighting

21 November 2012 By Ruby Ong

Updated: November 22, 2012

As the missiles began to fall and the recent conflict quickly escalated, NIF mobilized.  Our Israeli staff on the ground are hard at work seeking to help see Israel’s most vulnerable through this terrible crisis.  Since the escalation began, NIF has approved nearly $50,000 in grants to organizations working to provide emergency assistance to Israel’s most disadvantaged residents.  Our grants help Israelis living under threat of rocket attack a chance for a brief respite to the North, provide crisis information in Arabic, Amharic and Russian, distribute food to the needy, operate an emergency hotline, and more. 

Here is a list of Emergency Grants approved since November 14, 2012.

The Conservative movement – $2,500

  • To provide for Noam, the movement’s youth movement, to conduct activities for children in shelters in Ashkelon and for Noam's choir to perform in the shelters.
  • To provide for members of Noam who live in Ashkelon to spend a weekend in Haifa

The Reform movement – $2,500

  • To help the movement to operate a special headquarters to coordinate home hospitality for families from the south elsewhere in Israel.
  • To assist the movement's schools' students and youth movement's (Telem) members to send packages to children in the south.

Achuzat Negev – $1,250

  • To support this community organization from the town of Ofakim as they seek to help people who stay in the shelters, disseminate relevant information in Russian and Amharic, and take residents of Ofakim for a short vacation in the north.

Kafa – $3,750

  • To support the food back run by Kafa, an NIF grantee from the Negev Bedouin town of Rahat. Due to the bombing they were unable to do their weekly collection of donated food and had to purchase supplies to feed their clients. In addition to the 154 families that regularly receive food, there are 20 new families who cannot work in their fields due to the war and are in need of a food donations.

BINA - $2,500

  • To send groups of activists from Tel-Aviv and/or Jerusalem to volunteer in the south to support the residents there. The volunteers provide educational activities for children missing school, recreational activities for families in shelters, respite for parents, clean-up of property damaged by missile hits, etc.
  • To take groups of families from Kiryat Malachi and Be’er Sheva on excursions to the north of Israel, out of the range of missiles, to allow for a day of respite from the shelters and relaxation from the anxiety of the "Red Alerts."

WIKIRIGHTS (Kol Zchut) - $3,750

  • To run an Internet site providing information on the rights of those impacted by the fighting (for example, the process for businesses forced to close to receive compensation). The site will be published in Hebrew and Arabic.

NISPED (Negev Institute for strategies of peace and development) – $7,500

  • To run informal education programs: The Ministry of Education asked NISPED to run informal educational activities in 4 schools effective immediately: 2 schools in Bir Hadaj, one school in Abde and one school in Abu Guider.
  • To expand the Joint Jewish-Arab Gap-Year Project: A Year for My Community: Conduct two facilitated workshops for the group of 36 high school graduates in the center of the country that will help the group to diffuse the tensions deriving from the present conflict.
  • To provide teachers with the tools to help students recover from the war experience through the Negev for All of Us project. This project trains Jewish and Arab-Bedouin teachers from their respective schools to conduct joint programming for their pupils in the Western Negev. Following this latest violence, NISPED will conduct two additional 3 hour training workshops to help the new cohort of teachers develop a work plan to respond to the escalation.

Forum for Immigrant Families - $2,500

  • To operate a hotline for Russian speaking residents of the south. Through the hotline, professionals who are experts in consultations to people in stress situations to help Russian speaking residents. Advertising of the hotline to be done with the help of Russian speaking organizations who work in the south.

The community center in Yeruham - $1,250

  • To bring Jewish and Bedouin residents from towns in the south to Yeruham.

Mosawa - $5,000

  • To bring children from Bedouin villages in the Negev for a day in Haifa that includes cultural activities and a meeting with psychologists and social workers.

Mavoi Satum and Women's Crisis Center of the Negev (MASLAN) - $1,250

  • To bring single mothers from the south to Jerusalem for home hospitality stays.

Be'er Sova - $2,500

  • To distribute food to needy families in Beer Sheva and to take the organization's volunteers for a day of relaxation.

Meitarey Ashkelon - $750

  • To provide activisties for Russian speaking children in Ashkelon

Yadid - $2,500

  • To distribute a booklet that informs residents of the south of their rights

Tevev – $1,500

  • To allow this Ethiopian organization based in Kiriat Malachi to bring families on trips to the north.

The Association for Ethiopian immigrants in Netivot - $1,500

  • To bring families from the Ethiopian community on trips to the north for relaxation.

The Trauma Coalition - $3,750

  • To train volunteers and staff of local Bedouin and Ethiopian organizations in the south to help their communities cope following situations of emergency and trauma.