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Migrant Workers

17 March 2009 By New Israel Fund

This do-it-yourself program explores issues of migrant workers in Israel today in the context of “the stranger among you.”  Using biblical and Haggadah texts, a video about the issue, and discussion questions, the program encourages participants to explore the connection between biblical stipulations to protect the stranger and modern-day realities.

Through a text study, you will explore the biblical definitions of “strangers”, the challenges faced by the “stranger” in biblical times and today, and the biblical injunctions for the protection of the stranger.  After watching a video about children of migrant workers*, you will discuss the complexities in the context of the modern nation-state: what should be the state’s obligations towards the “stranger”, what factors can complicate these, and what should be the place of the “stranger” in modern-day Israel.  

* The video you will watch brings the story of Jena and Richard, both children of migrant workers who were raised in Israel, and yet, are likely to be deported from the only home they have known.  They speak of feeling completely Israeli, celebrating “Israeli” holidays, wanting to serve and be a part of the State of Israel, and their struggle to become citizens or permanent residents. 

A DVD will be sent to hosts for the program.