'We Will Not Remain Silent' reaches 10,000!

30 January 2013 By Keith Hall

'We Will Not Remain Silent' reaches 10,000!


31-jan-wwnrs-10kOver the last few days, NIF's flagship social network Lo Nistom (We Will Not Remain Silent) has reached more than 10,000 supporters. Lo Nistom was established in response to the dramatic increase in attacks on democratic principles in recent years. The group actively responds to attempts at silencing the pro-democracy and progressive community in Israel, both by answering critics and by promoting NIF's democracy and human rights network.

The group is extremely active, and its posts lead to direct action. For example, one post prompted the Ministry of Interior to return 14 tons of property and medical equipment to asylum seekers who had been deported to South Sudan. Online networks and social media play a crucial role in Israeli political life, and our team is working hard to make sure that Lo Nistom continues to reach as many people as possible. We will not remain silent!