New Law Makes Recycling of Electronic Waste Compulsory

26 September 2012 By Ruby Ong

27 September 2012

The Knesset has enacted the Electronic Waste Law making it compulsory for manufacturers and distributors to collect discarded electronic items for recycling and reuse. The law was formulated and promoted by Israel Union of Environmental Defense (IUED), which is supported by NIF through the Green Environment Fund.

Gilad Ostrovsky, IUED Head of Waste Management and Recycling, explained that the new law will prevent toxic pollution from electronic devices sent to landfills. He said, "The law is a commonsense measure that converts 'trash to treasure'. Discarded computers, TVs and other devices will become economic resources that will save raw materials and provide for reuse of expensive metals and other elements that have a longer life than the device itself."

The new law will also stimulate new small and large businesses to enter the recycling industry, which will provide new job opportunities. The law will come into force in 2014, giving manufacturers, distributors and local authorities the time required to set up collection systems.