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8 December 2011 E-Newsletter

08 December 2011 By Ruby Ong


Being seen and heard

Women were disappearing from Jerusalem. Faced with ultra-Orthodox opposition to the images of women on billboards, buses and kiosks, advertisers began replacing them with "less offensive" imagery.

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Women will not be erased!

As part of a global campaign to defend women's place in the public square, more than 500 people crammed into Hamashbir Plaza in downtown Jerusalem last night.

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Impact: Defending Israeli democracy

There is good news for the human and civil rights community in Israel, at least for now.

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Voting for Human Rights, with our feet!

This Friday, Tel Aviv will witness the country's third annual Human Rights March.

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Gershom Gorenberg speaks to NIFC supporters

Gorenberg stressed the need for Israel to address the “unintended consequences” of various historical decisions, such as the occupation or the privileged status of ultra-orthodox men.

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