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New Israel Fund condemns violence

15 December 2011 By Ruby Ong

The New Israel Fund (NIF) strongly condemns the recent spate of attacks on mosques in Israel and the West Bank as well as the rising violence targeting the Israeli Defense Force.

These acts of violence are a blight on democratic traditions as well as Jewish values.  The perpetrators’ deplorable actions are transparent attempts to intimidate government authorities. They threaten to also undermine the fabric of Israeli society.  It is our hope that those responsible are prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

The recent attacks follow another arson targeting NIF grantee the Arab Bedouin Volunteer Center in Be’er Sheva. Click here for NIF’s response to that arson.

This Chanukah, NIF will be lighting a candle at sites marred by a “price tag” attack.  The candle lighting ceremonies -- which will include Israelis from across the political, social and religious spectrum -- will demonstrate that Israel can be a shared society for all its citizens.