2009 Grants

20 June 2011 By Ruby Ong

Promoting Human Rights

Adva Center
Support to the Budget Analysis Project for research, analysis, and educational activities on the social impact of Israel's national budget.

Association for Civil Rights in Israel
Support to enable the organization to enhance its capacities in priority areas including strategic planning, expanding membership, website development, and resource mobilization.

Bimkom Planners for Planning Rights 
Support for community planning and advocacy, education, and public outreach activities promoting equitable land planning and development.

Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Support to the Minerva Center for Human Rights for research, training, and educational activities promoting human rights praxis.

Heschel Center
Support for an initiative which seeks to develop a framework for new thinking about progressive public policy in Israel.

Israel Religious Action Center  
Support for the legal, advocacy and educational activities of the Center's Legal Department working to advance religious freedom and pluralism in Israel.

Kav L'oved
Support for the organization's Migrant Workers Outreach Program, promoting the employment rights and broader human rights of the more than 200,000 migrant workers currently employed in Israel.

Public Interest Law Center  (Tel Aviv University) 
Support for the training, research, and organizing activities of the Public Interest Law Center promoting and expanding the use of law, lawyers and civil society organizations to further social justice.

Rabbis for Human Rights
Support for organizing, legal, and educational work promoting the human rights of Palestinians and economic justice for Israelis. 

Support for the Going the Distance initiative, designed to enable Shatil to respond to urgent needs in the field, upgrade its services, and strengthen the abilities of its staff-- thus strengthening its capacity building efforts. 

Support for community based centers promoting social and economic justice in Israel,  empowering disenfranchised citizens and communities, and advocating for policy changes.

Equality for Palestinian Israeli Citizens

Al Tufula Center    
Support for educational and community organizing projects promoting women’s empowerment within the Palestinian Israeli community

Arab Center for Alternative Planning   
Support for the final phase in the establishment of a GIS computerized database containing geographical and planning information on municipalities and townships in Israel.

Dirasat – The Arab Center for Law and Policy
Support to this new center, established to address improvement in the socio-economic status and attainment of equality for Israel's Arab-Palestinian citizens.

Support for the organization’s activities in influencing the Israeli media environment as it relates to the Palestinian Israeli minority. Activities include promoting equal access to the Israeli media, promoting policies to encourage more professional and unbiased coverage of Palestinian citizens of Israel, and developing the media capacities of the minority community. 

Injaz – The Center for Professional Arab Local Governance
Support for a new organization that seeks to improve local governance through providing capacity building activities for elected public officials and professionals serving Arab towns and local authorities.

Jerusalem Van Leer Institute
Support for the Van Leer’s Institute’s Arab Society Yearbook series containing updated data, and analysis of trends and new directions in Israel’s Arab society.

Support for education, research, and advocacy activities promoting equality for Palestinian Israeli citizens.

Support to the Forum for Community-Based Volunteer Year Programs for Arab Young Adults to formulate and begin to implement a strategy to facilitate the further development of voluntarism for Israel's Palestinian minority youth.

Women Against Violence            
Support for education and advocacy addressing gender discrimination and violence against women within the Palestinian Israeli community.

Advancing Peace

Economic Cooperation Foundation
Support for an initiative to further develop a comprehensive database of the territorial issues relating to Israeli-Palestinian relations.