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Pesach Salons

10 March 2009 By NIF New England
We’re excited to invite you to support NIF in a new and innovative way!

This March/April, NIF is planning a nationwide series of “Pesach salons”, parlor meetings hosted by NIF supporters to discuss NIF issues in the context of the themes of Pesach.  We are offering two “do-it-yourself” programs to choose from; each will include a video, Haggadah texts and discussion questions. We’re excited for this opportunity to foster community in an intimate setting as well as reach a larger number of people.

We need people willing to host and/or facilitate a programHosts will need to provide enough seats for 10-15 people, a TV and DVD player to screen a short film, and light snacks and drinks for the other NIF fans (and prospective fans) attending your event. Facilitators will lead the participants through the program and moderate a group discussion. We will offer training calls for facilitators, to walk you through the materials and go over some pointers.

The two topic areas we are providing both relate to the complexities of the “stranger among you”:

• Topic 1 – Migrant Workers
 Topic 2 – Arab Citizens of Israel

You have the option of hosting a public event or holding one just for your friends and family. We’re excited and hope you can join us!

To get involved, please contact . Also check out NIF's past Pesach materials.

The New Israel Fund wishes to thank Rabbi Joshua Gutoff for creating the discussion guides for the Pesach salons.

Find a Salon Near You

New York, NY - Upper West Side Manhattan

New York, NY - Upper West Side Manhattan

Upper Montclair, NJ

Stay tuned for more upcoming events in Miami, New York, and Canada.