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5 January 2012 E-Newsletter

04 January 2012 By Ruby Ong


The Other Existential Dilemma

Writing last week in the International Herald Tribune, Shmuel Rosner, a Tel Aviv-based journalist, recounted a series of conversations he had with fellow Israelis over Hanukkah last month.

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Opposition to Gender Segregation Mounts

The campaign to end gender separation in public places is spreading like wildfire.

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Labor Court Recognizes Injuries of Palestinian Workers

Following an appeal by NIF grantee Adalah; Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel, Israel’s National Labor Court recognized Palestinian workers, who were killed or injured by a rocket attack on the former Gaza settlement of Ganei Tal, as work accident victims.

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NIF Unites Jerusalem through Soccer

More than 360 Jerusalem teenagers kicked off the neighborhood soccer league in the festive opening round of matches during Chanukah.

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Community Gardens Raise Ethiopian Immigrants’ Status

Against the background of a messy dirt lot, a busy main road and a supermarket, an Ethiopian immigrant with her baby perched on her back in a traditionally embroidered sling waters her bed of red corn in the middle of a thriving green garden.

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