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The Social Justice Fund

The Social Justice Fund is a fund established through a grant from the Ford Foundation to promote peace and social justice in Israel. It focuses its grant making within three areas:

  • Promoting civil rights and human rights in Israel. Expanding the scope and extent of legal protection of basic rights, while also strengthening constituencies working to advance these protections.
  • Promoting equity and equal opportunities for the Palestinian minority within Israel. Strengthening the ability of the minority community to organize, advocate and press for changes in public policy and law to improve its status.
  • Promoting a peaceful resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Supporting activities designed to get the peace process back on track, advance unresolved final status issues; promote broad public discussion and constituencies within Israel for these options; and enhance Israelis' knowledge of Palestinian society.

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The Social Justice Fund is directed by Aaron Issar Back and grant recommendations are considered and approved by the board of the New Israel Fund. An Israel Advisory Committee, composed of leaders from within Israeli civil society, provides guidance on general trends, challenges and opportunities within Israeli society to be addressed by the Social Justice Fund.


$250 million to Israeli social change groups since 1979.