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SHATIL Short Takes: Keeping Racists out of Government; Translating Social Change Tools into Russian; Graduate Studies in Social Change and more

In the past few weeks, SHATIL marked several successes on the national, regional and local levels:

  • The Supreme Court has upheld the Attorney General’s decision that Ramle Mayor Yoel Lavi could not be appointed director of the Israel Lands Administration.  The Attorney General’s decision followed intensive lobbying by SHATIL and its Mixed Cities project after Lavi made racist public statements.  Lavi’s comments came after a SHATIL Mixed Cities staffer approached him about changing street names in Arab neighborhoods in Ramle to reflect Arab culture. (Some street names have since been changed  - click here to read more). Both the Supreme Court's and Attorney General's decisions reflect the position that an official displaying utter disrespect for his constituency could not carry out the directorship of such an important body as the Israel Lands Administration in a just and equitable manner.
  • SHATIL’s Guide to Local Elections has been translated into Russian for the use of former Soviet Union immigrant organizations in Israel. The Guide offers concrete tools and suggestions for advocating for a social agenda among candidates for Israel’s local elections in November. The new guide can be downloaded free from SHATIL’s website.
  • SHATIL has added another new booklet to its library of social change tools: Resource Development from the Community, a guide that helps Israeli social change organizations turn to the local population and not rely solely on contributions from foreign foundations and individuals of means. The guide also demonstrates how fundraising from the community empowers volunteers, increases commitment on the part of the organization’s target population and helps position the organization in the community.
  • In cooperation with SHATIL, Bar Ilan University is offering a new M.A. in Gender in the Field. The program combines theoretical studies with social practice. And in November, Tel Aviv University, in cooperation with SHATIL, will launch the second cycle of its unique Master’s program in social change for activists in social change organizations.

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