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Taibe Women's Market Fair a Hit

In an effort to empower women in the Arab-Israeli city of Taibe, the women's organization Tala (meaning young palm tree) and SHATIL co-sponsored a two-day market fair in which local women sold homemade food and handicrafts. The fair took place during Ramadan after the break-fast when the community was out visiting relatives and enjoying the evening.  Twenty women sold their products in outdoor stands and more than 500 people attended. Sales were lively, with some women selling more than NIS 2,000 (nearly $500) worth of products. The fair created an open space for the economic empowerment of women and allowed women to participate in the public sphere.

Tala and SHATIL, in cooperation with other women's NGOs, plan to widen and systematize this model of community economy – in which the community is strengthened by buying what it produces. The next fair is planned in March in Kafa Qara in cooperation with the organization Awareness for You.



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