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High Court of Justice Orders School to End Segregation

Israel’s Supreme Court has ordered the Bet Yaakov girls school in the West Bank settlement of Emmanuel to end the segregation of its Ashkenazi and Mizrachi students. The ruling followed a petition by NIF grantee Noar Kahalacha, which combats ethnic discrimination in ultra-Orthodox educational institutions.

The court also made it clear that if the practice of teaching Ashkenazi and Mizrachi girls in separate classes continues, than the school will be closed down. The school’s segregation went so far as to have separate entrances for Ashkenazi and Mizrachi students, as well as erecting a fence in the playground to keep the students apart.

A demonstrator against the segregation of Ashkenazi and Mizrachi students holds a placard saying "Black students are actually nice."

Noar Kahalacha Executive Director Yoav Laloum, who is himself ultra-Orthodox, said, "The apartheid within the education system, particularly within the haredi education system, cannot continue."

NIF grantee Tmura – The Israel Anti-Discrimination Legal Center, which brought the matter to the attention of Noar Kahalacha, has also submitted a civil suit to the Haifa District Court on the matter, claiming $14,000 per student for the psychological damage caused by the discrimination.


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