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Social Justice Fund 2013 Grants

Promoting Human Rights

Adva Center
Support to the Budget Analysis Project for research, analysis, and educational activities on the social impact of Israel’s national budget.

Support for community planning and advocacy, education, and public outreach activities in the field of equitable land planning and development.

Support to a new progressive Israeli public policy think and do tank.

Physicians for Human Rights - Israel
Support for human rights monitoring and advocacy activities promoting the right to health in Israel and the Occupied Territories.

Public Interest Law Program - Tel Aviv University
Support for the training and educational activities of the Public Interest Law Program, geared towards promoting and expanding the use of law to further social justice.

Rabbis for Human Rights
Support for organizing, legal, and educational work promoting the human rights for Palestinians and economic justice for Israelis.

Support for the Going the Distance initiative, designed to enable Shatil to respond to urgent needs in the field, upgrade its services, and strengthen its capacity building efforts.

Support for community based centers promoting social and economic justice in Israel; empowering disenfranchised citizens and communities; and advocating for policy changes.

Van Leer Jerusalem Institute
Support to the Regulation Research Project, examining and proposing policy recommendations on privatization and regulation in Israel.

Equality for Palestinian-Israeli Citizens

Support for activities strengthening the internal media within the Palestinian Israeli community and expanding and deepening its relationship to the broader Israeli media environment.



$250 million to Israeli social change groups since 1979.