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Civil and Human Rights

For almost sixty years, Israel has functioned as a democracy in a state of siege. Consequently, Israel’s civil and human rights issues are omnipresent and difficult to resolve.
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Social and Economic Justice

Did you know that 1 in 3 Israeli children live below the poverty line? An appalling statistic for a country whose economy continues to soar, yet the poor just get poorer.
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Religious Pluralism and Tolerance

Although non-Orthodox Jews comprise 70 percent of Israel's population, a tiny percentage of the budget for Jewish culture and education is allocated to Reform, Conservative, Reconstructionist and other streams of Jewish learning.
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Israeli Arabs and Bedouin Citizens

Israel's 1.37 million Arab citizens vote, pay taxes and speak Hebrew, yet suffer pervasive discrimination, unequal allocation of resources and violation of their legal rights. 
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The Israeli environment is threatened by water shortages, headlong development of remaining green spaces, and severe industrial pollution.
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Women's Rights

Social institutions, traditions and religious laws have kept girls and women at a disadvantage in schools, in the workplace, in divorce cases, and as victims of violence. 
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$250 million to Israeli social change groups since 1979.