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Who is Monitoring NGO Monitor?

Who is Monitoring NGO Monitor?

NGO Monitor claims to "promote critical debate and accountability," but instead stifles dissent and distorts the facts.

NGO Monitor CLAIMS: IN REALITY, NGO Monitor is:

"Events of the past year have highlighted the vital need for accountability, transparency and informed debate on the activities of NGOs…"
Gerald Steinberg, President of NGO Monitor, Forward, December 30, 2009


Not Accountable to Anyone
NGO Monitor does not meet its own standards of transparency or accountability. Its annual report publishes no list of donors, scant financial information and nothing on the identity of its board of directors.


"These NGOs are continuing to exploit moral, legal and humanitarian principles in order to promote political warfare against Israel."
Gerald Steinberg, NGO Monitor Press Release, December 22, 2009


Anti-Democratic in Principle and in Practice
NGO Monitor’s claim that legitimate criticism of Israel’s policies is tantamount to sedition is not just wrong, but dangerous. By denying Israel’s obligation to comply with international law and universally accepted standards of human rights, they damage Israel’s status as a democracy. Muzzling legitimate dissent puts Israel in the company of Russia, China, Sudan and other authoritarian nations.


"The very controversial decision to re-open Route 443 between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv to Palestinian vehicles was largely the result of pressure from these NGOs. When the first Israeli is attacked due to this decision, NIF officials and donors will be blamed."
Gerald Steinberg, The Australian Jewish News, February 9, 2010


Fast and Loose with the "Facts"
Actually, it was Israel’s High Court that allowed limited Palestinian access to a road built on expropriated land. Steinberg’s gross mischaracterization of this and other High Court decisions demonstrates disrespect for an independent judiciary and other democratic institutions.


"What professional qualifications as human rights researchers do they actually possess, and what evidence is there of the open-minded search for truth and rejection of pre-formed ideological conclusions?"
Gerald Steinberg, JTA, September 9, 2009


Embracing Right-Wing Extremists
Steinberg’s own so-called "open-minded search for truth" has led him to partner with Yisrael Harel, founder of the radical settler movement, Gush Emunim. NGO Monitor has never “monitored” the funding or activities of radical settler groups responsible for illegal outposts, repudiation of the rule of law and the escalating confrontations in East Jerusalem that threaten the peace process and US-Israel relations.


NGO Monitor is a mouthpiece for the extreme right. They have no regard for objectivity or transparency, and only disdain for democratic process and open debate. Who is monitoring NGO Monitor?

The New Israel Fund (NIF) is the leading organization committed to democratic change within Israel.

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Let Israel’s leaders know you reject attacks on Israel’s democratic foundations, visit nif.org/savedemocracy

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