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Dear Minister Yishai,

You have stated that 400 children of migrant workers will soon be deported from Israel – the only home they have ever known.  To go through with the deportation is to play a political game with the lives of innocent children. 

The migrant workers were invited by the State to perform the low-wage labor no-one else wanted.  The refugees had little choice about where they could find safety. Their children are innocent victims of a policy which does not provide a path to legal status.  Tearing kids away from the only home they have ever known does not make Israel more safe or secure.  Detaining and deporting these children is antithetical to Jewish values and traditions and would be a stain on Israeli society and its image worldwide.

Neither Israel nor the Jewish people will profit from excluding the strangers within our gates.  As a staunch supporter of Israel, I am asking you to allow these children at least a temporary stay while the larger issues concerning Israel’s immigration policies and migrant workers status’ are being debated.


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