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Women Should be Seen and Heard

Advertisers are caving in to the demands of extremist ultra-Orthodox groups. They’re dropping photos of women from posters and billboards in Jerusalem. As a result, images of women are now conspicuously absent from the city’s streets.  Even ballet studios and women’s clothing stores have stopped using photos of women.

We can’t let women be erased from the public eye. That’s a dangerous erosion of the status of women. And it’s a slippery slope.  

NIF is responding. We're dedicating extra resources -- more than 200,000 shekels -- to a series of initiatives for women's rights and religious pluralism. We’re also compiling photos of women holding this sign (in English or in Hebrew) into posters that we’ll hang in Jerusalem.

Here’s a glimpse at the photos we’ve gotten so far:

Join in!
Email your photo to . Show that this struggle is not just waged by the women of Jerusalem alone. This is a struggle for people of conscience everywhere.

Update (12-6-2011): Our first set of posters are headed to the printer! Click here for a preview.

Update (12-14-2011): CNN coverage of our campaign. Click here to view.

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