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SHATIL and Ministry of Education Launch Russian-Language Learning Disabilities Booklet

SHATIL is proud to announce the publication of the first Russian-language booklet targeted to parents of learning-disabled children. 

In Israel as in the U.S., too many immigrant children with learning disabilities are not diagnosed, fall through the cracks and end up dropping out of school.  A collaboration with the Ministry of Education, the new 33-page booklet covers the concept of learning disabilities, gives parents tips on how to identify problems, approach teachers and school personnel, as well as techniques for helping students at home.  The brochure includes relevant terms in Hebrew. 

Five thousand booklets have been printed so far, with the Ministry of Education distributing 4,000 to Israeli schools as well as the staff of the Ministry's psychological services in every city and town.  A new page on SHATIL's Back from the Edge website is devoted to learning disabilities.  It is currently in Hebrew but will soon be available in Russian.  In addition to the booklet, the site also has FAQ's and a way for parents to send questions to experts.  We are also launching a Russian-language media campaign, which will include a Russian language call in radio show.



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