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Social Change Lobbyists Spared from New Law

SHATIL scored a success for Israeli civil society organizations this month when, against all odds, it succeeded in getting the Knesset to exclude NGOs from a new law regulating lobbying in the Knesset. SHATIL led an ad hoc forum of organizations that included NIF grantee, the Association for Civil rights in Israel (ACRI), the Economic Justice Law Clinic at Tel Aviv University, the Israeli Disabled Human Rights Organization and various environmental organizations. The original law applied to both organization and commercial lobbyists. Both the members of Knesset (MK) who introduced the law and other MK’s strongly opposed the exclusion, but four months of intensive work paid off. When the law passed the Knesset in its last session of the season, nonprofit organization lobbyists were not affected.

On the left, Lea Lieberman-Bender, Senior Lobby Consultant at SHATIL,
who led the effort.

“It’s important that the Knesset recognized the difference between lobbyists for social justice and lobbyists for commercial interests,” said Lea Lieberman-Bender, the senior lobby consultant at SHATIL who led the effort. “It enables us to continue doing our work to achieve a more just society.”


$250 million to Israeli social change groups since 1979.