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NIF Grantee Wins Inaugural Presidential Award for Combating Trafficking

Veteran NIF grantee Hotline for Migrant Workers in Israel has been awarded the inaugural Presidential Prize for Combating Human Trafficking. At a ceremony at the presidential residence in Jerusalem on Sunday night, President Peres and outgoing Prime Minister Ehud Olmert made the presentation to Hotline for Migrant Workers, former MK Zahava Galon and the Tel Aviv Police Department for their work in combating trafficking and helping the victims.

In presenting the award to Hotline Executive Director Chevy Korzen, President Peres said, "Hotline for Migrant Workers and its volunteers work on behalf of the public often at great cost to themselves. They show determination and dedication over long hours, despite incredible pressures, to achieve their aims. The influence of the organization in fighting trafficking is far above their numbers."

Hotline for Migrant Workers Executive Director Chevy Korzen received the award on behalf of the organization.

Founded in 1998, and supported by NIF for nearly a decade, Hotline for Migrant Workers was the first organization in Israel to visit female victims of human trafficking in prison and provide them with legal, medical and emotional support. As a result of Hotline’s activities, public awareness was raised about the evils of trafficking, the Supreme Court ruled that victims were entitled to protection, compensation and medical treatment, and the Knesset passed a law outlawing all forms of trafficking including labor, children and organs. The level of trafficking to Israel has since fallen sharply. 


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