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Prime Minister's Expenses Exposed

05 December 2013

Prime Minister Netanyahu
(Wikimedia Commons)

This week, following a petition by NIF grantee the Movement for Freedom of Information, detailed information regarding the Prime Minister's expenses was published. The documents revealed that the overall spending in Netanyahu's three homes, which include his official residence, a private residence in Jerusalem, and his house in Caesarea, amounted to NIS3,291,261 ($934,221) in 2012. The sum is more than double the amount spent by former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert in 2008. Included in the expenses are NIS25,000 for gardening at the Caesarea home, NIS80,000 in water bills, and some NIS35,000 for wine and flowers at the official residence in Jerusalem.

Attorney Alona Vinograd, Executive Director of the Movement for Freedom of Information, said: "Only a high standard of reporting will ensure the prevention of cases of corruption and mismanagement. This is our expectation from our elected officials, and we hope we will not need similar freedom of information requests in the future to fulfill these goals."

The Movement for Freedom of Information attempts to create an environment in which the right to seek and receive information becomes an integral aspect of civil society. It works to implement the Freedom of Information Law by submitting Freedom of Information requests to public officials, both in the executive agencies and in the Knesset.

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