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Israeli Hip Hop Artist Leads Conversation on Racism, Culture, and Social Protest

[image - Sha'anan Street]
Sha'anan Street

As part of a unique collaboration between NIF's International Council (IC) and the southern development town of Yeruham, an intimate dialogue was held between a leading Israeli hip hop artist and local youth. Fifty young people attended the event held at the town's youth center to discuss issues of racism, culture, and social protest with Sha'anan Street, lead singer of the Israeli hip-hop group Hadag Nahash.

Led by Advocate Talia Sasson, NIF's IC which is made up of a diverse group of public intellectuals including Amos Oz and Avram Burg, has been working in Yeruham for over a year. This is a new model of partnership for NIF, and the first time it has given a grant to a local municipality. The IC is active in organizing cultural events, bringing speakers, and developing a leadership center in the town. A previous lecture featured Nobel Prize laureate Professor and NIF IC member Aaron Ciechanover, and during Sukkot NIF is sponsoring a large festival.

Meanwhile, the goal of the leadership center, strengthening and developing volunteer activity in an underprivileged town, is being achieved. Residents are becoming more involved in social activities and municipal decision-making. This is an important partnership for NIF, and we hope it will be replicated in other towns in the future.

See the remarkable group of IC members here.



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