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Daniel Sokatch

Daniel Sokatch is the Chief Executive Officer at the New Israel Fund. Read more about Daniel Sokatch...

I’m just back from a rather incredible week in Israel. This year, our Jerusalem Board meeting took place against the backdrop of both an election campaign and an extraordinary show of support for Israel’s often-battered, much-challenged liberal democratic tradition.

It’s once again election season in Israel. Israelis, like Americans, are divided between very different visions about what is the  best course to secure the future of their country.

One reason we have doubled-down on our investment in Israel through our New Initiatives for Democracy program is because we think Israel may be nearing a turning point.

Here’s to another year of standing with Israel’s change-makers and justice-seekers. It’s time to renew our commitment to them. It’s time to bend the arc.

Daniel Sokatch says the 'Jewish State' law, in any of its formulations, would essentially change the nature of the State of Israel.