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  • The Race of Victimhood and Incitement

    08 March 2013

    "The Race of Victimhood and Incitement"

    Thoughts for International Women’s Day from MK Merav Michaeli

    8 March 2013

    In honor of International Women’s Day, here is the inaugural speech of Member of Knesset Merav Michaeli (Labor) subtitled in English.  NIF is a non-partisan organization with no formal connection to Ms. Michaeli, but we believe the themes of her speech should resonate today – for women, for minorities, but most important, for the future of Israel as a shared and responsible society.

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  • Restore American Jews' faith in Israel

    05 March 2013

    The last four years created an unprecedented and dangerous alienation between the Israeli leadership and liberal American Jewry.

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  • Review of 2013 Election Results

    23 January 2013

    Review of 2013 Election Results

    Listen to the recording of a conference call NIF hosted on January 23rd featuring former Ha’aretz chief political columnist and editorial writer Akiva Eldar, in conversation with author and journalist Liel Leibovitz.  The two discussed the outcomes and potential effects of the elections.

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  • A View from the New Knesset

    27 February 2013

    A View from the New Knesset

    Tamar Sandberg(Tamar Zandberg, a new Member of Knesset from the Meretz party, is our guest columnist this week.)

    What a couple of years we had! In the summer of 2011, I was marching in the streets, together with hundreds of thousands of Israelis, calling for a more just and equal society, one which cares for the weak and celebrates freedom and democracy. This was the most inspiring political moment Israel had in decades.

    Soon after, we were told that the protest has died. Crushed under the daily banalities of the Knesset and manipulated by "King Bibi," as some reporters began calling Prime Minister Netanyahu. The government seemed determined to hold on to the status quo on every front, isolating itself from the world and sowing fear and resentment among its own citizens.

    Then came the elections, with a result that could only signify a turning point. An unprecedented number of new members of Knesset, a record breaking representation of women (despite still being outrageously low) and a decreasing average age of MKs – all demonstrate the desire for a new era in Israeli politics.

    Make no mistake. There are more progressives in this Knesset, but also more members that support the settlements and still many that have little patience for the democratic principles on which Israel was founded. The clouds which have gathered over Israel in recent years are still there, but for the first time in a while, we also see hope. We see an opportunity. And that’s all we could have asked for.

    During the last Knesset term, we focused on blocking initiatives which threatened the most basic freedoms in Israel. We fought against the confrontational attitude our government has presented to the world, and against the moral corruption that the occupation has brought at home. Many of you have stood by us on those battles, and I can assure you that your voice was heard in Israel, loud and clear. Our success in the last elections is also your success.

    We could do even more now. We could answer the public call for change with a progressive vision of Israel: A country which provides for all its citizens, a place which views cultural variety and difference of opinions not as a threat but as its source of strength; A state which promotes tolerance and treat all people and religious with respect – including all members of the Jewish people; a nation which can replace the urge to conquer with a desire to care. And most urgent of all: A country which doesn’t deprive the freedom of another people.

    It won’t be easy. We are still faced with many – including some members of the future government – who do not share our values. Even among those who believe in change, some view this change in a very different way that we do. We need all the help we can get. I am sure that we will find you continuing your support for a democratic and caring Israel, because you know that Israel deserves better than what the last four years have offered. As the last elections have showed, Israelis know that too.


    MK Tamar Zandberg (Meretz)

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  • Pre-Election 2013 Conference Call

    15 January 2013

    A recording of a conference call featuring former NIF President Professor Naomi Chazan, in conversation with NIF International Council member Professor Michael Walzer, offering their views concerning the upcoming elections in Israel.

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Israel's dilemma: Who can be an Israeli?

By Daniel Sokatch and David N. Myers

13 January 2014