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NIF is a unique partnership of North Americans, Israelis, Europeans, and Australians. Our Board of Directors (below), International Council members, Regional Councils and staff are committed to promoting equality and democracy in Israel.



[image - Brian Lurie]
Brian Lurie
Ross, California
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image - Itzik Danziger
Itzik Danziger
Vice President in Israel
Ra'anana, Israel
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Mary Ann Stein
Vice President in North America
Bethesda, Maryland
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Stephen Gunther
Santa Monica, California
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Deborah Bussel
Miami, Florida
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[image - Amal ElSana Alhjooj]
Amal ElSana Alhjooj
Beersheva, Israel
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[image - Elah Alkalay]
Elah Alkalay
Kfar Mordechay, Israel
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[image - Yifat Bitton]
Yifat Bitton
Ramat Hasharon, Israel
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[image - Naomi Chazan]
Naomi Chazan
Jerusalem, Israel
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[image - Peter Edelman]
Peter Edelman
Washington, D.C.
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[NIF Say Yes People placeholder image]
Paul Egerman
Weston, MA
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[image - Franklin M. Fisher]
Franklin M. Fisher
Cambridge, MA
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[NIF Say Yes People placeholder image]
Itzhak (Itzik) Galnoor
Jerusalem, Israel
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[image - Joan Garson]
Joan Garson
Toronto, Canada
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[image - William (Bill) Goldman]
William (Bill) Goldman
San Francisco, CA
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[image - Asaad Joubran]
Asaad Joubran
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[image - Daniel Levy]
Daniel Levy
United Kingdom
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[image - David N. Myers]
David N. Myers
Los Angeles, CA
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[image - Debra Pell]
Debra Pell
Ross, CA
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[image - Nicholas Saphir]
Nicholas Saphir
East Sussex, United Kingdom
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[image - Talia Sasson]
Talia Sasson
Beit Zayit, Israel
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[NIF Say Yes People placeholder image - Carole Segal]
Carole Segal
Chicago, IL
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[NIF Say Yes People placeholder image - Peter Shapiro]
Peter Shapiro
South Orange, NJ
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[image - Daniel Sokatch]
Daniel Sokatch
San Francisco, CA
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[NIF Say Yes People placeholder image - Jeffrey Solomon]
Jeffrey Solomon
New York, NY
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[image - Yael Sternhell]
Yael Sternhell
Tel Aviv, Israel
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[image - Carole Zabar]
Carole Zabar
New York, NY
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