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Knesset Speaker Visits Umm El Fahm

Incoming Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin  (Likud) visited the Arab Israeli city Umm El Fahm earlier this week. He told journalists that he had deliberately made his first visit outside of the Knesset to the Arab city to bring a message of peace and conciliation in the wake of last month’s provocative march by Jewish extremists.

Earlier this month, the NIF family marched through Umm El Fahm to show solidarity with the residents of the city ahead of the Passover holiday. Watch the clip on YouTube.

NIF's solidarity visit to Umm El Fahm was featured prominently in Israel's Arabic media. Here a leading newspaper pictures NIF Israel Executive Director Eliezer Yaari receiving flowers from Umm El Fahm Mayor Sheikh Khaled Hamdan. The caption in Arabic reads: "Talking together with Roses."

MK Rivlin stressed that he opposed the plan of newly appointed Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman to transfer Umm El Fahm to the Palestinian Authority. He said, "We must nurture a dialogue and stop sweeping issues under the rug."

We are hoping that Rivlin's words will be translated into deeds.



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