Promoting Pluralism and Tolerance

NIF believes that freedom of – and from – religion are crucial to the survival of a just and democratic Israel. We fight for religious tolerance, and work to oppose the rabbinic hierarchy’s exclusion of women.

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  • Immersion and Empowerment

    A new training program for mikva (ritual bath) attendants in Israel is an important step forward for women’s rights. The new training program, which will be run by the Ministry of Religious Affairs, was agreed upon following a campaign by Advot (Ripples), a group of women’s rights activists.

  • Profile: Roni Hazon Weiss

    Roni Hazon Weiss has had a fascinating journey to become one Jerusalem’s leading religious feminist activists. Born and raised in a modern Orthodox family in Maaleh Adumim, and active in Bnei Akiva, her first turning point came when she studied at Midreshet Lindenbaum, one of the pioneers of Talmud study for women.

  • Zooming in on Religion and State

    An old, torn photo of young women praying at the Kotel was tacked to an ordinary wall in a Haredi section of Jerusalem’s Nachlaot neighborhood.The photo captivated Ariel Cohen, a young, religious solider, during a state and religious issues tour of Jerusalem organized by alum of a SHATIL-Bet Hillel-Be Free Israel course.Juxtaposed against the ongoing controversy surrounding women’s images in public spaces, including the defacement of ads and posters showing women, Ariel was inspired and took a photo.

  • Rejecting Religious Racism: The “Race” for Chief Rabbi

    As the selection of Israel’s next chief rabbis approaches, New Israel Fund grantees, including those representing key Orthodox constituents, are drawing attention to the racist and exclusionary views of some of the candidates.

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