Featured Stories

  • Israel Funds Non-Orthodox Rabbis

    01 January 2014

    In a landmark victory for religious pluralism, the government announced that it will now allow rabbis from the Reform and Conservative movements to serve as state-salaried community rabbis. The decision follows a seven-year legal struggle by veteran NIF grantee Israel Religious Action Center.


  • Knesset Raises Minimum Age of Marriage

    15 November 2013

    The Knesset raised the minimum age of marriage from 17 to 18. The vote followed a ten-year campaign by NIF grantee the Working Group for Equality in Personal Status Issues. The legislation is an important safeguard for girls' rights to education and equal opportunity, with particular impact among Arab and ultra-Orthodox communities.


  • Ofakim Celebrates New Overnight Medical Center

    31 October 2013

    Thanks to the efforts of NIF grantee Ahuzat Negev, the residents of Ofakim are celebrating the announcement that a 24/7 urgent care center will be opened in their town. This decision follows a two year campaign focusing on the lack of medical facilities on Israel's geographical periphery, particularly when it comes to emergency services.


  • Success for Arab Women in the Municipal Elections

    31 October 2013

    The number of female representatives of Arab municipalities nearly doubled in Israel's municipal elections. This follows a major NIF grant to five organizations - led by grantees Mossawa and Women against Violence - for the purpose of increasing female representation from all parties on local councils.


  • Breakthrough for Movement for Freedom of Information

    03 October 2013

    Transferring government resources to private companies must now be made public. The decision follows a number of cases, such as the building of express lanes on the Tel Aviv highway and the discovery of offshore natural gas, in which the state passed control of public resources over to private for-profit companies without outside scrutiny. The ruling is the result of a concerted campaign by NIF grantee the Movement for Freedom of Information.


  • Consequences for Discrimination against Arabs

    20 June 2013

    In a precedent-setting ruling, the Haifa Magistrate Court approved a settlement against a real estate developer who discriminated against Arab buyers. Flagship NIF grantee the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) played an important role in this case fighting discrimination in land allocation.


  • An End to Gender Segregation

    23 May 2013

    In May, Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein instructed the government to immediately stop the exclusion and segregation of women in the public sphere. The announcement followed a multi-year campaign by NIF and its grantees to put a halt to the regressive and demeaning trend.


  • For you were a stranger in a land not your own

    09 May 2013

    In a precedent-setting ruling, an Israeli court decided that minors detained under the Anti-Infiltration Law should be released from jail, even if they are accompanied by their parents. Following this ruling, the Interior Ministry agreed to free all Eritrean mothers and children jailed under the law.


  • Women of the Wall Legal Victory

    25 April 2013

    A precedent-setting ruling, decided in reaction to the continual arrests and harassment of NIF grantee Women of the Wall, held that the Orthodox authorities do not have a monopoly on determining how Jews pray at the Kotel. The decision is a major victory in the ongoing struggle for women's rights at Judaism's holiest site.


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