SHATIL Wins Supreme Court Petition on Behalf of Bedouin Pupils

15 December 2008 By New Israel Fund

The Supreme Court recently decided in favor of a SHATIL petition demanding all students, Bedouin pupils included, enjoy the right to "full stomachs" through the provision of hot, nutritious school lunches. The Court ruled unequivocally in favor of SHATIL'S Umbrella Forum for Bedouin Education in the Negev, demanding that implementation of nutrition laws occur at a cost of 1NIS per student per meal, thus providing larger subsidies to the impoverished Bedouin community. The cost is to be shared equally by Bedouin municipalities and parents. This victory also meant hot lunches for disadvantaged Jewish and Arab municipalities in the Negev. The Court emphasized the right to nutritious lunches in Bedouin schools as a tool to combat poverty in the Bedouin sector.