Taking Our Place

07 October 2013 By New Israel Fund

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Jewish women have come a long way in taking our place alongside men as equals on the bema and as leaders of Jewish life, culture and community. In honor of the 25th anniversary of Women of the Wall, which was seed-funded by the New Israel Fund in 1988 and which is spearheading the fight for equal rights for women at the Kotel, NIF is sponsoring the "Taking Our Place" campaign.

We invite YOU to tell us how YOUR connection to Jewish heritage has been strengthened by the Jewish community's move to more gender equality. We also ask you what needs to be done in the next 25 years to ensure that Jewish and Israeli women continue to rise as spiritual, political and cultural leaders and that the impetus for equal rights succeeds.

Join us in congratulating Women of the Wall on their long, hard fight and their victories, and in telling Israel’s leaders that when women take our place as equals, it strengthens Israel, the Jewish tradition and our vibrancy and strength as a people.


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Below is a sample of entries we've received to date:

  • Bigger than Feminism, Better with Feminism, by Susan Silverman, Read more »
  • "He's not a rabbi. He's a boy!", by Allison Sherwat Cooper, Read more »
  • Out of the Depths, by Rabbi Neil Blumofe, Read more »
  • Elaine Reuben, Read more »
  • Judaism belongs to every Jew, by Hallel Abramowitz-Silverman, Read more »
  • The fight for equality is far from over, by Susi Brieger OAM, Read more »
  • A Long Way To Go, by Ilona Lee AM, Read more »
  • I dream…, by Barbara Ford, Read more »
  • Exceptions and Expectations, by Ruth Wilson, Read more »
  • Judaism is not one-size-fits-all, by Dawn Rosen, Read more »
  • I Want To Sit Downstairs, by Ilona Shechter, Read more »
  • Gender Equality is a Jewish Value, by Dr. Martin Rosenberg, Read more »
  • It's a New World, by Marcia Cohn Spiegel, Read more »
  • Kaddish, by Emma, Read more »
  • A Debt of Gratitude for the Women Who Opened the Doors, by Rabbi Marla J. Feldman, Read more »
  • Praying for True Befuddlement, by Virginia Avniel Spatz, Read more »
  • Two Halves, One Whole, by Shelly F. Cohen, Read more »
  • The B’nai Mitzvah of Two Generations as a Metaphor for Equality, by Sandra Cuttler, Read more »
  • Up and Down, No and Yes, by Dr. Judith B. Tischler, Read more »
  • My Most Memorable Service, by Robert Levy, Read more »
  • Be the Change, by Cantor Linda Shivers, Read more »
  • What full partnership in Judaism means in Israel, by Ilan Chaim, Read more »
  • Being the First Bat Mitzvah at Shaare Zion Synagogue, by Marion L. Usher, Read more »
  • The Voices of God, by Mike Rahimi, Read more »
  • Our Cantor Is Pregnant, by Laura Diamond, Read more »
  • What My Rabbi Taught Me, by Naomi Rivkis, Read more »
  • Finally, My Bat Mitzvah, by Janet L. Falk, Read more »
  • Colorado girl's Kotel experience, by Melinda Robin, Read more »
  • A Dream Fulfilled, by Rabbi Marion Shulevitz, Read more »
  • Cracks In The Walls of Jewish Patriarchy, by Letty Cottin Pogrebin, Read more »
  • Belonging: A Transformative Journey, by Paula Jacobs, Read more »
  • Remaining Awake Through A Great Revolution, by Rabbi David Rosenn, Read more »
  • The World Must Change, by Rabbi Menachem Creditor, Read more »
  • A Touch of Patriarchy, by Leanne Gale, Read more »
  • That Was Then, This Is Now, by Norma Kipnis Wilson, Read more »
  • Cheering Vashti, by Alexandra Stein, Read more »
  • A Member of the Israeli Women’s Movement, by Annice M. Benamy, Read more »
  • How Jewish Gender Equality Changed My Life, by Sara B. Leviten, Read more »
  • An Eye Opening Shabbat, by Amiee C. Kushner, Read more »
  • A Father Comes Around, by Charles Weiss, Read more »
  • 13 years old, by Barb Shulman, Read more »
  • The Transformative Nature of Literacy, by Linda Lippitt, Read more »
  • The day I Became a Woman (of the Wall), by Rachel Cohen Yeshurun, Read more »
  • Where there's a Will there's a Wall, by Roberta Harris, Read more »
  • Role Model for a Gay Jewish Man, by Seth Morrison, Read more »
  • Free to Be, by Dove Weissman, Read more »
  • Women at the Torah, by A man from Houston, TX, Read more »
  • The Birth of a Nation, by Rabbi Joel Schwab, Read more »
  • Singing my Way through the Sacred '70s, by Fran Gordon, Read more »
  • From Exclusion to Community, by Charlotte Glazer Baer, Read more »
  • Do Not Treat Women as Lesser Human Beings, by Morton Deutsch, Read more »
  • From exclusion to inclusion, by Helen Stein, Read more »
  • Women in Zionist Pioneering History, by Nachum Meyers, Read more »
  • Mixed Messages, by Rachel Mann, Read more »
  • The Day the Bat Mitzvah Marched with the Torah, by Rabbi Ralph P. Kingsley, Read more »
  • Reading Torah, by Judy Roitman, Read more »
  • Coming of Age Again, By Cathy Swerdlow, Read more »
  • Men and women together at the Kotel 1967, By Andrew Kaplan, Read more »
  • Davening in Monsey, by Michal Boyarsky, Read more »
  • Summer of '89, by Ruti Kadish, Read more »
  • Faye Moskowitz, Read more »
  • Torah and Half-a-Torah, by Naomi Paiss, Read more »

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