NIF Invests in the Next Generation of Leaders

Law Fellowship

The Israel-US Civil Liberties Law Program provides academic and professional experience to Israeli lawyers specializing in civil rights. Program alumni are the core of the civil right bar in Israel – as academics, community organizers, founders of non-profit organizations, and litigators.
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NIF/SHATIL Social Justice Fellowship

The NIF/SHATIL Social Justice Fellowships enable a cadre of post-college Jewish young adults to spend 10 months immersed in the movement for social change in Israel. These Fellowships, which include a modest stipend, place young Jewish activists in Israeli NGOs for a year of in-depth contribution and learning.
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Everett Fellowship

The Everett Fellowship enables Israeli students to gain an in-depth understanding of and hands-on experience in social change organizations, and affords these nonprofits much-needed assistance. Students intern at social justice, civil rights, women’s right, human rights, and environmental organizations.
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The New Generations Tzedek Fellowship (SF Bay Area)

A project of the New Israel Fund to promote community leaders who are interested in pursuing progressive and Jewish values to help Israel live up to its founders’ vision of a state that ensures equality of social and political rights to all its inhabitants.
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