New Israel Fund Principles

The New Israel Fund is dedicated to the vision of the State of Israel as the sovereign expression of the right of self-determination of the Jewish people and as a democracy dedicated to the full equality of all its citizens and communities.

The New Israel Fund is committed to advancing the values of human dignity ensconced in Israel’s Declaration of Independence which it views as the key to its long-term security and survival.

The New Israel Fund (NIF) works to strengthen Israel’s democracy and to promote freedom, justice and equality for all Israelis. Its work is designed to:

  • Achieve equality for all the citizens of the state regardless of religion, national origin, race, gender or sexual orientation;
  • Realize the civil and human rights of all individuals and groups through the protection of Palestinian citizens and other marginalized minorities, including the advancement of collective rights, and opposition to all forms of discrimination and bigotry;
  • Recognize and reinforce the essential pluralism of Israeli society and tolerance for diversity;
  • Protect the access of minorities to democratic channels for the expression of their interests and identities and the promotion of their rights; 
  • Empower civil society in Israel as the fundamental vehicle of an open society;
  • Build and maintain a just society at peace with itself and its neighbors.