What are the big ideas that will define Israel's democratic future?

We know the future we want is possible: one in which every person — Israeli and Palestinian — can live in equality and freedom. To get there, we’ll need big, bold, game-changing ideas. And we’ll need inspiring leaders to motivate and mobilize us with them.

Winning will take time – and it will take creativity, ingenuity, and vision.

This is a time for big ideas.

What are the big ideas that will define Israel’s democratic culture and language, build an inclusive society and expand how we think about safety for everyone? Who is thinking up those big ideas, and how are we putting them into action?

Meet Israelis who are thinking big about our biggest challenges. The thinkers and doers hatching big ideas for the future. They are putting their minds and their skills to work for a vibrant and democratic future — and doing so in bold and unexpected ways.

NIF Big Ideas - Dr. Assaf David and Elizabeth Tsurkov - Forum for Regional Thinking
The Forum for Regional Thinking
Who is thinking big about how to achieve safety for all people in the region?

The Forum for Regional Thinking is a group of scholars and activists working to transform Israeli public discourse on the Middle East and Israel’s role in it. Through high-quality analyses the Forum offers alternative options for policymakers and hope and optimism for Israel’s citizens regarding the potential of peace.

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NIF Big Ideas - Mikhael Manekin - Alliance for Israel’s Future
The Alliance for Israel's Future
Who is the next generation of leaders thinking up big ideas for Israel’s future?

The Alliance for Israel’s Future is a laboratory for the future progressive leadership in Israel. The Alliance is cultivating a new generation of leadership rooted in the progressive values of democracy, human rights, pluralism, economic justice.

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Big Ideas Series - Sysem Ali
System Ali
What does a truly multicultural, multilingual Israel sound like?

System Ali is an Israeli multi-lingual hip-hop troupe founded in the Ajami neighborhood in Jaffa. Made up of nine musicians, the group creates music in four languages: Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, and English. They create in their music the multicultural, multilingual spirit that is the future sound of a truly shared society.

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