Men and women together at the Kotel 1967

9 October 2013

By Andrew Kaplan, October 2013

I’m an American who served with the Israel Defense Force in the Golan Heights during the Six Day War. A few days after the war ended, I was in East Jerusalem, which at that time was still under martial law. I immediately went to the Western Wall, which of course, we Jews had not been able to go to since 1948. At that time, there was no big plaza like today. Only a narrow street. It was jammed with soldiers and people, men and women, boys and girls together, praying, singing, so happy together. That’s right, men and women praying together at the Western Wall and you know what? It didn’t fall down. I enclose a photo I took at the time to prove it.


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  1. Dear Daniel
    In my humble opinion the question is not wether we have reason to be optimistic or not but what do we do in order to bridge the growing gap between us and the general public opionion in Israel which more and more consider us not only as irrelevant but also as enemies of Israel who falsly use the values of human rights as a tool to destroy Israel and help our enemies. I have a constant fight in my private attempts to “save our face” among my closest friends who know nothing about us but easily close their ears and have “ready made” criticism against us. And believe me – they are enlighted people and it personally hurts me very much and I feel that this is a “terrible” situation. It seems to me that loosing public opinion and understanding is an important arena which we fail to seriously regard, and If I am not mistaken – I do wonder why.
    Judith Karp

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