NIF Film Club: Unsettling

26 May 2020

Iris Zaki enters the heart of Tekoa, an Israeli settlement in the West Bank, and sits down to talk to the locals. Though fearful at first of the left-wing invader, settlers from various backgrounds gradually open up to her.

Their honest, surprising, and sometimes funny conversations offer a fresh take on Israeli reality from both sides of the Green Line.

NIF Film Club discussed this film with NIF’s VP of Public Engagement Libby Lenkinski and director Dr. Iris Zaki.

Watch the film at your own convenience: Rent it on Vimeo.

photo of Dr. Iris ZakiDr. Iris Zaki is an award-winning documentary filmmaker who uses quirky first-person narratives to depict communities. She finished her PhD at Royal Holloway, University of London, in which explored her innovative interviewing technique: ‘The Abandoned Camera’, as well as community representation and documentary ethics. Her films screened at hundreds of festivals and universities around the world, received many awards and was featured on TV and in the NY Times.

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