Reaching out to Savta Ronit and Saba Moshe

4 May 2016

Something moving happened that I had to share. A couple of weeks back, hundreds of NIF supporters joined together in sending a letter of support to the grandparents of Yuli Novak, executive director of Breaking the Silence.

The elderly couple had been subjected to a barrage of harassing calls after extremists circulated their phone number on social media in the midst of a government-led campaign to smear Breaking the Silence — an organization of IDF veterans that reports to the Israeli public about the toll of the occupation from the perspective of soldiers.

Our letter, together with dozens of personal notes, were compiled into a book which was presented to Yuli’s grandparents by her uncle at the family Seder.

This was how Yuli’s family chose to open their Seder night:

At its heart, NIF is based on the simple idea that those of us who share a commitment to Israel and to progressive values can accomplish more by joining together than by acting on our own.

I’m proud of the way in which our community mobilized. Sending this letter was a simple act, but one that can help to defeat the campaign to intimidate courageous activists like Yuli.

Thank you for being a part of this community.