Stay Tuned

30 January 2014

In just a couple of weeks the NIF Board will convene in Tel Aviv for our winter board meeting. As usual, there’s a lot on our plate.

We will review the progress of our amazing community of organizations as they work to promote democracy, organize for equality, and build a better future for all Israelis. We’ll learn from our successes and also from the things we could’ve done better. We’ll celebrate our victories large and small (you can read about one of my favorites – a campaign by NIF and our grantees Kolech and IRAC to challenge the exclusion of women’s voices from a state-sponsored religious radio station – here). We will hear from –and learn with – activists, academics, and policy makers.

And, after a year of exploring the ways in which NIF can best and most effectively meet the challenges presented by the shifting landscape of Israel in the 21st century, we will look to the future by making decisions about investments in some major new initiatives aimed at strengthening, expanding, and amplifying progressive voices working for social justice and social change in Israel today.

We believe that these new initiatives, along with the vital work we currently do and support, can make a difference in the effort to build the better Israel we believe in. I look forward to reporting back to you about our progress when I return.


  1. What about the three murdered Israelis? Did you send condolence calls to those families?
    Your organization with it’s radical left, blame the Jews mentality is a disgrace. You do nothing about the pervasive Arab incitement against Jews, except blame the victims.
    New Israel indeed. Hopefully we will never see your version of that.

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