Where there’s a Will there’s a Wall

10 October 2013

By Roberta Harris, October 2013

I was a (very small) part of that initial movement to bring women and Torah together at the Western Wall all those years ago. Without being an active feminist, I have always believed it is a woman’s right to be the equal, legally and socially, of anyone in the world. Not to be part of the Women of the Wall would be an anachronism.

I have spent my work life teaching the Bible in one form or another – mostly the archaeology and history that can bring so much more out of the narrative; but also its Hebrew and its link to rabbinic Judaism.

Today, well beyond retirement age – I shall be 68 next birthday – I have just begun rabbinic training, with the idea of becoming a chaplain to and advocate for the Jewish elderly in the UK. I hope that I will be able to attract others to join me in this ambition, and that together we will be able to make a difference for people coming towards the end of their lives.

The determination of the Women of the Wall has always been and will always be an inspiration in my life.


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  1. HI! Mosle tov! It ain’t over ’til it’s over. You are proof of that. Love from a Shiksa,

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