Social Justice Israel Study Tour Itinerary

NIF Fall 2023 Study Tour – Fighting for the Future of Israel’s Democracy

Please note: this is a draft of the itinerary for the upcoming Study Tour. Once it is finalized, it will be emailed to participants in the form of an easily downloadable PDF.

Wednesday, November 1: Orientation to this Moment in Israel-Palestine
  • Understanding the Democratic Crisis in Israel  – Presentation from Israeli Legal Experts and Scholars
  • Voices from the Pro-Democracy Protests – Conversation with Activists, Politicians and Civil Society Leaders
  • Dinner with NIF leadership
Thursday, November 2: Palestinian-Israeli Society
  • A tour of Palestinian-Arab villages in the Galilee with Shatil-Haifa
  • “We Want To Live” – Meeting with the women activists leading the Struggle Against Gun Violence and Crime in Israel’s Palestinian towns
Friday, November 3: Israel in the Middle East
  • Israel’s Foreign Policy: Realities and Opportunities with leading Israeli foreign policy experts
  • Emerging Models for Peace: With thought leaders committed to innovative resolutions to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
Saturday, November 4: Shabbat in Tel Aviv
  • Walking Tour of Jaffa: On Life in a Mixed Jewish-Arab City and the Challenges of Gentrification
  • Lunch in Jaffa
Sunday, November 5: The Reality of Palestinian Life Under Occupation and the Co-Resistance Movement 
  • A journey to the South Hebron Hills and Massafer Yatta. Meeting with Palestinians and Israelis working together to resist the occupation and combat settler violence 
Monday, November 6: East Jerusalem
  • A Geopolitical Walking Tour of the Temple Mount/Haram Al-Sharif
  • Lunch in the Old City
  • The fight for Gender and LGBTQ Rights under the current government – meeting with women and LGBTQ activists
Tuesday, November 7: Religion and State 
  • “Leftists of Faith”- with leaders of Israel’s emerging progressive-religious movement
  • Culinary Tour of Machane Yehuda Market
  • The Politics of Heritage Sites – a conversation on the politicization of antiquities
Wednesday, November 8: NIF’s Emergency Response and long-term vision
  • NIF’s “Hub for the Protection of Civic Space”- An for Innovative Model to Protect Civil Society and Defend Democracy in times of crisis
  • Rapid Response Grantmaking: Conversations with NGO leadership about the power of NIF’s emergency funding
  • The future of Israel’s progressive-liberal camp: a conversation with emerging thought leaders
  • Closing Dinner with NIF leadership and staff