2018 Summer Day Tour

Sunday July 15th, 2018

Planning on being in Israel this summer? We’re excited to offer an opportunity to meet the trailblazers working toward a more inclusive, just, and democratic Israel and experience the real Israel at 70.

Join NIF for a one-day intensive look at Israel at 70 and see for yourself how NIF’s 40 years of work toward shared society, inclusion, and democracy have shaped Israel at 70. We will explore the many groups and voices that comprise Israeli society and discuss civil and human rights, the occupation, religious freedom, and social and economic rights, understanding how they all connect and learn about the movements, activists, and partnerships changing the everyday on the ground.

During our trip we will meet the leaders and activists working to address issues of social justice issues affecting Israeli society in the past and today and hear from our own NIF staff and Board members about their related professional and personal experiences.

View itinerary (*subject to change)

Cost: $40 (light breakfast & lunch included)

**Last day to register: Sunday, July 1, 2018

May Pundak
[email protected]


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*NIF reserves the right to cancel a tour in two instances: (a) if an insufficient number of travelers have signed up, or (b) if NIF deems there are safety concerns that require trip cancellation. In either case, NIF will refund your entire deposit.