Ways to Give

The IRA Charitable Rollover — Benefitting You and NIF

On December 18, 2015 the IRA Charitable Rollover became a permanent law, which means that every year you can use assets in your IRA for a double benefit. You incur no federal income taxes and the sums count toward your required minimum distribution so long as you meet the eligibility requirements and follow certain rules.

You must be age 70½ to take advantage of the law, and you may make tax-free gifts of up to $100,000 per year to a public charity for general support or for specific purposes (but not to a donor advised fund). Your IRA administrator or trustee must distribute the funds directly to NIF—not to you first—in order for the gift to be tax free. Tax-free distributions can be made only from traditional individual retirement accounts or Roth IRAs.

Please consult with your professional advisor for further information about the rules and regulations of the new law and contact Becky Buckwald, Director of Planned Giving, if you need assistance.

Disclaimer: New Israel Fund is not engaged in legal or tax advisory service. Please have your will or codicil drafted by an attorney who is familiar with the estate laws of the state in which you live. State laws govern wills, trusts, and charitable gifts made in a contractual agreement. Advice from legal counsel should be sought when considering these types of gifts.