Legacy Giving

Meet NIF’s Legacy Society Members

Learn the inspiring stories of supporters who have made generous legacy commitments to NIF.

Legacy Society Member Profiles

photo of Laurie Alper, z"l
Laurie Alper (z”l)
photo of Al Baum, Jr. (z"l)
Alvin H. Baum, Jr. (z”l)
Michael Bein
Jane Kahn (z”l) & Michael Bien

photo of Efrim Boritz and Naomi Fromstein
Efrim Boritz and Naomi Fromstein
photo of JR Dreyer
JR Dreyer (in honor of his father, Edward L. Dreyer z”l)
photo of Roberta Elliot
Roberta Elliott

photo of Ellie and Jonathan in Italy
Eleanor Friedman & Jonathan Cohen
photo - Janine Frier
Janine Frier
photo of Shel Greene
Judy & Sheldon Greene

photo of Lois and Dick Gunther
Lois & Richard Gunther
photo of Juliane Heyman
Juliane Heyman
photo of Norma and Murray Kane, z"l
Norma & Murray Kane, z”l

Hadass Kaufmann photo
Hadass Kaufmann
photo of Doris and George Krevsky
Doris & George Krevsky
photo of Gil Kulick, NIF legacy society member
Gil Kulick

photo of Rabbi Brian Lurie
Rabbi Brian Lurie
Photo of David N. Myers & Nomi Stolzenberg - photo by Patricia Williams
David N. Myers and Nomi Stolzenberg
Rabbi Amy Eilberg and Louis Newman photo
Louis Newman & Rabbi Amy Eilberg

photo of Dr. Raquel H. (Racky) Newman, z”l
Dr. Raquel H. (Racky) Newman (z”l)
photo of Debra Pell
Debra F. Pell
photo of Lee and Stuart Pollak
Lee Pollak

photo of Norman Postone and Lisa Fruchtman
Norman Postone & Lisa Fruchtman
June Rogul photo
June A. Rogul
photo of Todd Silverstein
Todd P. Silverstein

photo of Mary Ann Stein
Mary Ann Stein
photo of Paul and Dorothy Wachter - NIF Legacy Society Members
Dorothy & Paul Wachter
photo of Elsa and Max Weissenberg z"l
Elsa & Max Weissenberg (z”l)

photo of Drs. Carol and Terry Winograd
Drs. Carol & Terry Winograd

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