Legacy Giving

Meet NIF’s Legacy Society Members:

Ellie Friedman and Jonathan Cohen, NIF Founders

photo of Ellie Friedman and JonathanNIF was our first child—conceived 40 years ago in the hope of giving birth to a different way to support the growth of democracy and social justice in Israel.

We hoped to create a new partnership between Diaspora Jews and Israelis to promote a more inclusive, just and equitable society.

What evolved was the NIF of today—a vibrant and critically important movement supporting progressive change in Israel and having influence in ways we could never have

While we are distressed at much of what is happening in Israel today, we are awed and proud of NIF’s role with a new generation of activists who believe Israel should be a shared, equitable and democratic land.

The 40th Anniversary Legacy Giving Campaign is the way to ensure NIF will continue working to make Israel the country we need it to be.

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