Legacy Giving

Meet NIF’s Legacy Society Members:

Ilana and Ray Snyder

photo of Ilana and Ray SnyderWe grew up in homes in which contributing to Israel was integral to our lives. When we joined the NIF community in Australia, we found the natural extension of these commitments.

We’re now passionate about being part of a vibrant, progressive movement dedicated to making Israel more inclusive, just and democratic, a country in which all citizens are treated equally regardless of religion, ethnic origin, gender or sexual orientation.

As the often troubling political situation in Israel makes this work even more urgent, we know that NIF is the best way to realize the Zionist dream we were raised to love and support.

NIF Australia has launched a bequest campaign to help fund the partnership between Diaspora Jews and Israelis to promote democracy and social justice in Israel.

This is why we’ve added a codicil to our wills to include a bequest for NIF – our way of ensuring that NIF will continue working to make Israel the country the founders envisioned.

Disclaimer: New Israel Fund is not engaged in legal or tax advisory services. Please consult with your professional advisor as to which giving vehicle is right for you, and when creating bequests, seek drafting and counsel from an attorney.