Legacy Giving

Meet NIF’s Legacy Society Members:

Janine Frier

photo - Janine FrierGrowing up in South Africa, my connections to Israel were established early and were strengthened by being involved in a Zionist youth movement and attending a Jewish Day School. I lived in Israel for a year after college and subsequent visits are too numerous to count. As such, Israel is embedded in my heart and I care deeply that it lives up to its highest ideals. The New Israel Fund enables it to do just that.

My admiration for what NIF stands for, and my passion for its work, is long standing. As my involvement has increased, especially in my capacity as a member of the Board, my understanding of its importance has grown. NIF supports Israelis who have a strong desire, and who are working tirelessly, to better the lives of all who live there. NIF is the connection between the democratic principles, ethics, and moral code stated in the Declaration of Independence and how these manifest themselves in the Israel of today. My values, which I apply in life as an American Jew, are one hundred percent reflected in all that NIF does.

NIF’s work in Shared Society and Combating Racism is particularly meaningful to me. Often, we live in our bubbles and are not always sensitized to the other. Growing up in a racist society has left me with an acute awareness of this kind of bias, and I make every effort in life to find ways to overcome this, both on a personal level and by supporting others who strive to build bridges and who work against racism.

Given all this, my decision to make a legacy gift to NIF was an easy one. It provides a way to reflect into the future something of great importance to me; a way to help Israel uphold its founding tenets of democracy, justice, inclusion and equality for all; and a way to ensure that a place where I choose to devote my efforts and energy continues to have my support and is able to keep doing its crucial work, well into the future.

Disclaimer: New Israel Fund is not engaged in legal or tax advisory services. Please consult with your professional advisor as to which giving vehicle is right for you, and when creating bequests, seek drafting and counsel from an attorney.