Legacy Giving

Meet NIF’s Legacy Society Members:

Juliane Heyman, z”l

photo of Juliane HeymanI am a Holocaust survivor and therefore am well aware—and have personally experienced—the consequences that result from intolerance, prejudice, and hatred. I was compelled to leave my home twice: First, the Free City of Danzig, where I was born; and then Belgium, where my family first fled as refugees from the Nazi regime before being forced to flee again.

About thirty years ago, I heard a talk about a program of NIF’s at a Unitarian Church in Santa Barbara, CA. I was very impressed, and when next in New York City, visited the NIF office there and decided to support this organization whose goals so well corresponded with my aspirations for the State of Israel. A few years ago, I decided to become a member of NIF’s Legacy Society, as I became more and more committed to paying back for the good and successful life I have lived in the US.

I have visited Israel seven times, first in 1952 when I worked on a kibbutz. On more recent trips, I had the opportunity to see various NIF projects. My career was in international development work—with universities and NGOs in Asia, Africa and Latin America—and seeing the struggles there with racism and inequality also contributed to my realization that the land of milk and honey needs our help and partnership to become more a land of diversity and equality and the work of NIF will hopefully achieve this ultimate goal in the future.

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