Legacy Giving

Meet NIF’s Legacy Society Members:

Norman Postone and Lisa Fruchtman

photo of Norman Postone and Lisa FruchtmanFrom an early age I felt a strong attachment to Israel. As the son of a Rabbi who escaped Lithuania in 1939 and a mother whose family fled the difficulties and pogroms of the Ukraine, I absorbed the belief that the existence of the State of Israel was vital to Jewish survival.

After high school, I decided to spend a year in Israel on a program for Zionist youth leaders from around the world – spending 6 months in Jerusalem and 6 months on a kibbutz. This proved to be a transformative year for me. Along with feeling the power of walking in the land of our ancestors, I was excited by the incredible culture created by modern Hebrew and the vibrant society I saw all around me. I was hooked. This experience broadened my concept of the importance of Israel beyond a place of refuge.

As time passed, I came to understand more about the political difficulties and historical complexities of Israel. This did not dampen my enthusiasm but rather I realized that my dream of having a Jewish homeland was contingent on working towards an Israel that expressed my progressive values.

When I discovered NIF I felt that I had found my Israel home. Lisa and I share the vision that NIF has of Israel as a Jewish, democratic state, with equal rights for all who live there, at peace with its neighbors. We are particularly drawn to NIF because it partners with and helps develop Israeli organizations that take concrete actions towards creating a more democratic civil society.

By participating in the NIF Legacy Society, we hope to ensure that this important work continues. We are proud to be a part of the NIF family.

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